Sunday, March 19, 2017

Gambling by the Moon

  My husband and I love to gamble. In particular, we both enjoy the game of Craps. While I also love to play Roulette, and he enjoys Black Jack, we both seem to like playing Craps together.
I also love to study Astrology. To me it is a complex science of describing the "cosmic weather", and like predicting the weather, is often under scrutiny about its accuracy.

   Development of the Theory
   Astrology is so broad, there are so many possible factors, that I really didn't know where to start looking for pointers to gambling success.  A web search produced few results, and none that I found applicable to my situation, nor practical to "test". Two successful gambling trips however, and my handy moon phase astrology app on my phone, quickly gave me clues on what to hone in on.
   Turns out during both of our recent trips, the moon has been Void-of-Course, a condition where the moon will make no further aspects to any other major planet before it changes astrological sign. Incidentally, both trips had also occurred when the moon was void in Scorpio, heading to Sagitarrius, the sign currently occupied by Saturn.
   A quick glance at the moon calendar told me this timing occurs about once a month, so I made plans with my husband for the next two following months when this particular moon configuration would be occurring.   

   Refining the Parameters - Details about the strategy
  Close to the center of Colorado, there's a small mountain town named Cripple Creek. There are only a couple of casinos there, of which only 2 where we managed to play any craps. We stopped there on a drive down to Telluride, because the moon was going to be void in Scorpio, and I wanted to test out if astrology could predict gambling success.
  The first place we played seemed promising. We liked the dealers but the table was large (a 14-footer) and the other people at the table didn't seem quite into the game.  We managed to shoot for a little while, but our initial $200 was quickly spent. The second casino we found also had a large 14-foot table, and we were quickly the only ones shooting on it. The dealers at this casino were not very engaging either, and we quickly lost the remaining $100.
  This experience, though totally unsuccessful from a winning perspective, set up two more of the parameters of the experiment: 1) the dealers have to be nice, cool, and engaged in the playing; and 2) the Craps table needs to be no longer than 12 feet long. Both of these parameters were determined by the success during our first two outings, where both of these had been met, and the subsequent failure in this third outing, when those parameters we not met.
   Finally, I realized that when we did well, we both "felt" the table and were drawn to play. On multiple occasions, if either one of us was not into the table, even if the other played along, we ended up losing our money.
  Challenges of the approach
On the last trip, I discovered a challenge of the chosen moon time. When the moon is void-of-course, it's easier to zone out and lose track of time and focus on things, the energy is much more condusive to non-focused activities or rest. On this particular trip, my husband and I had had a few beverages and were having a good time. His friends showed up and I found him particularly distracted and unable to focus on us actually doing the experiment.
  The moon was only void for a total of 5 hours this time too, which also made it more difficult to find a table and meet all of the conditions in order to achieve success. During the last 20 minutes of the 5 hours, we did manage to get into the "sweet spot" of the zone, where I felt all parameters were being met, and we actually started to win  some money. At one point, my husband had won back all of the money he had lost on a earlier table (one that I hadn't wanted to play on, but we did anyway and both lost). But shortly thereafter, he wanted to leave the table. He ended up sticking around, because I still wanted to play, but this meant that one of the parameters was no longer being met, and immediately the magic was off, and we started to be on the not winning side of rolls. 

  Results of past iterations of the experiment
  The first trip was on Christmas of 2016, when we decided to fly out to Las Vegas for 8 hours.  This tradition, which we'd started the previous year on NYE when we flew to Vegas for a mere 5 hours, was such a great time we decided to do it again. Xmas was a success. New York New York casino and the Bellagio, both of which I had a feeling about, turned into financial success for us. We ended up leaving Nevada up $766, more than we'd ever made on a gambling outing.
  The second trip was up to our regular casinos in Black Hawk and Central City. We used our latest strategy, which also proves to be an important part of the formula, which is max odds betting, playing as if the max odds are at least 3x-4x-5x. We had started with $300 each, and both got down to our last bit, and we were both all in on this roll.  Amazingly, we came back from this to both be up over $1000 - each, totaling a profit of over $2000, a huge up for the year!

  Beginning with the intention to play Craps betting max odds (at least 3-4-5x), and have fun doing it together, the remaining ingredients for wild success appear to be: 1) my husband and I both having a good feeling about the table; 2) the dealers being nice or cool or otherwise positively contributing to the atmosphere of the table; 3) finding a spot at a table that is no longer than 12 feet; 4) the moon being void-of-course in Scorpio.
  There did seem to be one other ingredient that seemed to relate to our success, which was the concept of "lighting the table on fire". During our first outing in Vegas, while on a table in the Bellagio, though full of people seemed to have kind of mediocre energy. I was feeling good from earlier success at New York New York and said to my husband how we had to "light this shit-stack on fire". I then proceeded to roll some very strong dice, and essentially "heat up" the table. Indeed the right energy for craps is important to the success of this strategy. It is a somewhat unspoken rule that to win, and win big, the dice or the table have to be "hot". But what I learned is that, with the right parameters and setting, we can bring that heat to the table, and then, profit.

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