Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Knitting By The Moon - Knitting Class

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!
     I'm excited to announce that coming this fall, I will be teaching my very first Knitting By The Moon class at the Recycled Lamb in Lakewood, CO. (Check out their website if you'd like to sign up! recycledlamb.com).
     The class, aka Knitting Time Management, will help students to focus when they start and finish projects and align the timing of those activities with the moon. As you've seen on this blog, I've been following the moon's phases for some time now and aligning my own knitting projects to it. Now I want to share that with others, as part of a larger experiment.
     The dates of the class are as follows: Monday, Sept 9th, Weds Sept 25th, Weds Oct 9th, and Weds Oct 30th. I choose these particular dates because the moon is not void of course on any of them (at least, not during the 6-8pm class time) and on Sept and Oct 9th, the moon is waxing, where on Sept 25th and Oct 30th, the moon is waning. So the goal of the waxing moon classes will be to start projects and the goal of the waning moon classes will be to finish them.
     I'm thinking that we'll also do some experimenting with starting and attempting to finish projects off cycle - i.e. start a project during the waning moon and finish one during the waxing - and see what happens!
     During class time, in addition to providing any knitting help and guidance on projects that my students need, I also plan to discuss some basic astrology, to the level that they are interested.
     As our class commences, I'll be sure to provide updates with how it goes.

Today's full moon in Aquarius at 7:44pm (MDT) begins a short Void of Course period, until 10:43pm tonight when the moon enters Pisces.

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